Project Description

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Project description

The project general objective is to increase the awareness that sporT Opens Minds, counters educational poverty and develops relevant skills for life, job inclusion and careers thus to activate new collaborations amid sport clubs and the educational formal system, both locally and transnationally.

Coherently with the Council Conclusion on the Contribution of sport to the EU economy, (2014/C 32/03), and to tackle youth unemployment, through the exchange of practices, thoughts and ideas, the partners elaborate position papers, recommendations and a roadmap for a better integration of sport in school, in VET curricula, in courses for entrepreneurs and in mobility programs. By reinforcing transnational network of sport clubs, and encouraging cooperation with local stakeholders, TOPMIND project encourages apprenticeships, internships and mobility in sports organizations and motivates young people to increase their participation in sport. TOPMIND demonstrates that skills acquired through sports improves job employment and facilitate national and transnational access to the labour market.

The TOPMIND program is defined through a step by step approach: before every consortium meeting, each partner consults a panel of stakeholders to share a position paper, then the partners jointly arrange some recommendations and again in connection with the panel will elaborate a roadmap to pursue the topmind follow up for a better recognition of skills acquired in sport. The roadmap leads to the elaboration of larger projects and provide EU stakeholders with stories of success and failure about the promotion of education in and through sport, with position papers and recommendations to ease the recognition of skills developed in sport: such as self-esteem, capacities of team work, problem solving and decision making, communication, self-confidence. All skills that develop “top minds” because sport open minds!

Partner will collaborate to co-editing :
• Position papers about the role of sport in education
• Recommendations to exploit the educational role of sport
• Roadmap for designing sport educational paths

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Small Sport Collaborative Partnership Co funded by the programme Erasmus +

Lead partner: USMACASELLE (IT)

Project partners
TKO (Slo)