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Health Promotion at Sport Clubs

Project description

Enhancing the educational role of sports clubs and demonstrating how these represent places for health promotion and healthy lifestyles: this was the goal of the HP @ SC project. The project focused on people, children and teenagers, parents and coaches, adults and the elderly, who in sport can find that dimension, where they can develop personal skills and competences and improve their health. HP@SC encourages sports managers to adopt a health-oriented perspective. It offers a new framework for the design of action plans for health promotion and for enhancing the educational dimension of sport and sports clubs.

The project scope is to build a Transnational Open Network, where sport clubs and interested parties cooperate and share practices, knowledge and competences to develop new programs in the field of Health Promotion at Sport Clubs (HP@SC) and Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA).

Web and documents

The facebook page of the project is available at this address: Health Promotion at Sport Clubs




CTV Presentation – Kick-off HP@SC

HP@SC Presentation

Project partners

Tennis Club Vicenza, CTV (Circolo Tennis Vicenza) – Italy

Union for development of sport and sports culture, FOOTURA – Bulgaria

Tennis Club Olimpija,TKO – Slovenia

Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, KEAN – Greece

USMA – Italy

Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs, CCEIA – Cyprus

Project Details

Logo Erasmus +

Health Promotion at Sport Clubs

HP@SC is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The project is concluded

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