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Project description

The CLOE Project  has been born during the COVID19 pandemic that impacted on youths and Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), more than elsewhere. When CCI moved on digital environment providing public with free cultural contents, we all valued its impact on people quality of life, while the sector experienced the loose revenues, usually generated by events in presence.

Contemporary the Pandemic impacted on youths future more than other aged groups. In this context USMA CASELLE ITALY , KEAN  GREECE and ROSTO SOLIDARIO have joined forces and experiences to design and test an INNOVATIVE edutainment PROCESS responding to both issues: crisis of the CCI and youths loose of perspectives.

The project scope is to nurture youths’ creative talents and provides youths, cultural workers, with both a creative educational frame and an entrepreneurship sustainable model that can be scaled up.

The mechanism is based on DISTANCE LABS, where youths and cultural workers jointly produce: (i) a CONCEPT street MUSICAL, notably an INCLUSIVE show where the performance and the story matter less than the CONCEPT conveyed, (ii) a WEB MAGAZINE to give voice to young creative leaders.

Youths (18-30 y.o) are selected independently from the backgrounds: both youths already active in the creative sector (musicians, dancers, writers) and those who never exploited their creative attitudes, youths with economic and those with no economic possibilities, youths already engaged in society and those living at margins. All can take part to a real INCLUSIVE and creative edutainment experience.

The outcomes are transferred to stakeholders of the youths and the creative sectors, by means of: (i) Guideline to unleash creative potential of youths, (ii) Handbook to support young creative professionals and entrepreneurs to generate revenue form the digital environment and (iii) a Roadmap to scale up and replicate the edutainments process.

All the story is told via multimedia and creative products edited together by youths and experts, with the final aim of providing stakeholders with tools necessary to take over CLOE results. The direct involvement of youths in producing the musical and developing the web magazine contents is the core of the edutainment process, which unleashes digital and entrepreneurs’ skills of young people and equips creative leader to drive the transition from the new normal to an actual inclusive future where no one if left behind.

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Start March 2021
End April 2023